7 Timeless Lessons from Bill Gates’ Favorite Business Book

Bill Gates recently revealed that his favorite business book was “Business Adventures,” a 1969 collection of New Yorker articles by John Brooks that illustrate the formation of the modern American corporation.

Some things are just timeless.  Here are those lessons:

1. Innovators need to keep innovating

2.  Don’t release a product before its ready

3.  Corporate culture matters

4.  Don’t let egos trump research

5.  Don’t put yourself in a situation you can’t get out of

6.  If you fail, accept it, learn from it, and move on

7.  Managers must communicate clearly with their employees

  Read more of the article   click here    Hope you enjoy it.  

7 Management Strategies From Some Of History’s Greatest Generals

I recently noticed this article and it presented some very timeless and insightful thoughts about Leadership and Management strategies.   Generals in history that figured out what it takes to boost morale & maximize productivity of the troops….or your employees.  These lessons are applicable.

The Seven include:

  – Unite people around a cause

  – Keep them busy

  – Keep them satisfied

  – Lead from the front

  – Appeal to their emotions

  – Balance punishment & reward

  –  Build a group myth

Read the full story  here   See if these just might work for your organization.

Happy leading.