10 Problems only smart people have

Have you ever found yourself talking about or listening to another leader explain about all the really smart people they have? 

While being smarter sounds appealing, actually living everyday life as an extremely intelligent person can throw up some very real but  rarely acknowledged, challenges. 

Author Peter Drucker has said that……Intelligence has no correlation to success.   Rather Emotional Intelligence is a far more important element that helps drive success.  What happens with super smart people? 

  They overinellectualize things

  They are perfectionists

  They are afraid of looking stupid

  They forget what its like to be a beginner

  They want to skip the basics 

Can you relate to the above thoughts.  Read more about this from an Inc Magazine article  here     

Hope you find it valuable

      Steve Brody

7 Signs You’re Exuding Confidence

Have you ever met a very confident leader? A person who exudes self-esteem and somehow commands respect.

This person isn’t really different from anyone else, they just seem different because they consistently demonstrate a high level of confidence in themselves, their actions, and their decisions. This person has a presence that most people don’t have. For those in leadership and potential leadership positions, you likely want to be one of these people. Just how do you go about that? 

Here are 7 key attributes from well known Executive Coach,  Marshall Goldsmith. 

  –  Being well prepared
  –  Having effective use of language
  –  Showing Brevity
  –  Having a strong sense of humor
  –  Being generous
  –  Having a sense of proportion
  –  Enter a room with grace 

Read the full explanation  Here 

Hope you find it valuable.

   Steve Brody