What exactly is a CEO Coach?

This is a question I receive frequently. Look at the recent interview of me, below, for explanation of several of these activities.

You can watch the interview here

Several of the questions include:

1. Are you working in or on your business?

2. What is your vision for the firm?

3. What is your why? Your passion

4. What happens if you were to die tomorrow?

5. What is the role of the CEO Coach?

Hope this clarifies some of the most important areas.

Covid pandemic paradox!!

Why is it that productivity is up…..according to recent research. However innovation is down!!

Several possible solutions & insights are suggested in the Wharton blog article shown here: https://whr.tn/3f68ySe

Companies feared that work from home would (WFH)  impair productivity.  Recent research summarized on the Knowledge@Wharton blog indicates that WFH in a number of ways has enhanced productivity due to fewer distractions from working at home and time not lost in commuting.  But this productivity has come at a cost in innovation, which in turn is often the cause of future productivity gains!

The findings suggest that collaberation, group level interaction, and brainstorming is improved in the face to face work settings vs the virtual world.

Hope you find the insights helpful.