A Future to Envision!!

I want to share something with you that was recently sent to me by a valued associate.  Right now, it is very hard to get out of our short term thinking…..elections coming up….the future of a Virus cure and our life and work beyond 2021.  

The short video below shows a GRAND  VISION from the CEO of Toyota.  It is not just a dream….they will actually be starting construction of this future city in 2021.  I would encourage you to share it with those close to you  (employees, friends, family, etc.)   This city would be an incredible accomplishment!!

Thinking from Toyota’s City of the Future and the Mitsubishi Research Institute. 

President Akio Toyoda touched on the Woven City plan.

Below is a link to the launch back in March. The conference link up left no doubt that Toyota is leading the mobility innovation curve.

CES 2020 Message from Akio Toyoda

Hope you find it valuable.  

    Steve Brody

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Top 10 signs you’re not ready to sell!

Do you need to get started with your Exit Plan? Or are you thinking that now just might be the time you desire to exit?

This is an activity that does take planning and preparation to create a successful exit. It is not something to be taken lightly.

You can download a valuable white paper to help you identify the Top 10 tips to generate a well thought out plan.

So here are the Top 10 Signs you’re not ready to sell…..at present:

  1. You do not know how much you need after exit
  2. You do not know your firm’s adjusted EBITDA
  3. You don’t know your industry’s multiples
  4. The Company financials are not bullet-proof
  5. The Company lacks a compelling growth plan
  6. Your Company cannot operate without you
  7. You and your partners (if applicable) are not bound together
  8. There are too many eggs in one basket
  9. Taxes are an unanswered question
  10. The Company is not ready for due diligence

There are areas to understand about each of these signs. Navix Consultants have good explanations specifying all of these needs.

Download here at: http://bitly.ws/9NEH

Hope you find it valuable.

Steve Brody

Are you Looking at the Right Economic Signs?

Buy at the bottom? Don’t be tempted to wait. Are you looking at the right Economic signs?

Look at the Blog listed below from ITR Economic forecasts. They track, on an ongoing basis a variety of US GDP data plus a variety of different Industry segments.

A number of Industries & firms are now showing some significant growth trends. Are you ready for the upswing? Are you prepared with your vendors…..supply lines…..and importantly with the staffing and development of your people?

Read more at: https://bit.ly/2QCF2YM Their Aug comments & insights.

Hope you find it valuable.

Steve Brody

Collaboration & Innovation during Covid!

How important is this to your firm?

How do you operate in this unusual environment we find ourselves during Covid 19? It does not seem like things will return to the old normal…..but somehow into a new normal.

Collaboration & Innovation is even more critical when most of your people are operating on a remote basis.

How much focus do you need in your firm? There are some interesting insights from several top HR Execs at some well known firms for you.

This is from Fortune.com and you can read more at:


The conclusion is that you must schedule some face to face meetings. Be it weekly, or bi-weekly, or monthly or something…..if you want to optimize the effect of collaboration & innovation.

Hope you find this helpful!!

Steve Brody

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Gen. Krulak’s Law of Leadership!!

Charles Krulak, a retired General in the US Marines, created some powerful insights about leading a group or team of people. Namely that the closer you get to the front lines (or customers) the more power you have over the brand.

He postulated that within the space of just three adjacent city blocks, Marines may be required to conduct full-scale military action, peacekeeping operations and humanitarian aid. Krulak’s conclusion is that modern militaries must be trained to operate in all three conditions simultaneously, and that to do so, leadership training at the lowest levels needs to be high.

Substitute the words ‘modern militaries’ with ‘modern companies’ and I believe this applies to your firm just as much.

A Leader’s main responsibility is to ensure that their team makes the right decisions. So, how to do this?

  • Offer them freedom to fail and the opportunity to succeed
  • Micro-management must be a thing of the past
  • Supervision must be complemented by proactive mentoring
  • Empower them, hold to strict accountability for their actions
  • Allow the leadership potential within to flourish

These principles were so effective that in 2015 the Krulak Institute for Leadership, Experiential Learning and Civic Engagement was formed.

Remember the future of your organization is in the hands of the privates (team members) not the generals (officers) back home.

You can read more here: https://bit.ly/2V7iIsK

Hope you find this helpful.

Steve Brody

Elon Musk: 7 Most Important Words!

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, plus other firms has not been known as a particularly modest Leader.

Recently he stated…..I’m the chief engineer of this thing, so I’d just like to say that if it goes right, it’s credit to the SpaceX-NASA team,” Musk told CBS This Morning before the initial launch date Thursday. “If it goes wrong, it’s my fault.”

Those last seven words are the key: If it goes wrong, it’s my fault.

Is it possible that he finally has matured? Or maybe he actually had it in him all along. If you want to lead people successfully you must do two things…..

Share the credit

Take the blame

Something that all CEOs should pay attention. It helps to motivate your team. You can read more from this Inc article


Hope you find some insight from also doing this!

Steve Brody

Learn from McDonald’s menu change!!

During this time of operating in an unusual environment, what might we learn from some recent actions taken by industry leader McDonald’s?

Due to requirements to change the operating procedures, as a result of COVID 19, it forced the firm to quickly evaluate how to adjust their products from what was a previous, normal restaurant condition. Including what products were offered and when.

Here is a 7 point checklist that could be helpful to most any business:

  1. Simplify production
  2. Streamline your distribution
  3. Maximize margins
  4. Reinforce customer habits
  5. Get ahead of the competitive landscape
  6. Take the opportunity to readjust
  7. Control the timing

You can read more here

Hope you find some insights here.

Steve Brody

Brody & Associates

How to protect your business from the Virus!

What can you do to protect some of your most valuable assets…..your firm, your employees, your family and more? 

Here is a collection of suggestions and resources that you might find valuable. 
Including how to protect employees…..your company……your customers…..your shareholders

Read more  Here 

       Steve Brody
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What Focus Really Means!!

Read lessons from Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Steve Jobs.  When asked about the keys to their success……response was emphasizing a singular focus to major goals in their life.

For Gates it was his singular drive to master the computer world and its uses.
For Buffet it was his dream as a kid, to get rich by focusing on the right investment choices.
For Jobs, it was the discipline to learn how to say NO to most things and only move forward with a select few!

Some strong insights here…….

Hope you find it valuable.

     Steve Brody
     Brody & Associates

Use the rule of 3 to focus!!

The US Marines have used a simple principle for many years to focus & improve performance & productivity.   It is called the  Rule of 3 

The results have been something short of phenomenal.  The ability to focus…..to set priorities…..to remember a short list…..and improve productivity have been impressive. 

Read more about this  Here

You might just try it in your organization plus your life.

Hope it is valuable!! 

     Steve Brody