CEO’s comment about Brody & Associates

“I’ve been coached in ways to get more productivity using less of my time. I’ve gone from being the classic entrepreneur with his hand in every pie to more of a planned leadership approach.”

Bill Osterhout, Former CEO
Salt Grass, Inc.

“After realizing I had reached the limit of what I had been trained to do as an engineer trying to run a company, Brody & Associates played a major role in coaching me to delegate, and get others involved.”

Willem Timmermans, CEO
Intec Engineering, Inc.

“Simply put, Steve Brody taught me how to lead a company – and I don’t use the word “teach” lightly. He cares about the people he coaches and instills the lessons he’s learned from years of experience.”

Paul Swepston, PhD., CEO
Rigaku, Inc.

“With any new challenge or initiative, Brody & Associates gave me a forum to outline the issues and strategically develop solutions my company never had. Thanks to their coaching, our business is now more dynamic and effective.”

Jean-Pierre Baizan, President
SolvChem, Inc. and PSC, Inc.

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